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Christian Benteke: The Unexpected Beast of FIFA 14

In the older editions of FIFA (like this one), you needed certain attributes from your striker to beat your friends. And Christian Benteke pretty much had everything you could ask for, and more!

The towering Belgian striker, was a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.

At 6’3″ with an impressive physical presence, Benteke’s in-game representation perfectly captured his real-life prowess at that period of his career. With an all-round rating of 81, which was quite modest for the time, he wasn’t the highest-rated striker in the game, but his stats and performance on the virtual field told a different story.

That rating, when playing in the early days of FIFA 14, was actually a blessing in disguise as rival players would often underestimate how good Christian Benteke would be when the game finally got underway. Suffice to say, they wouldn’t make that mistake twice in the same lifetime.

One of Benteke’s standout features in FIFA 14 was his sheer physicality.

His strength rating of 90 meant he could outmuscle almost any defender. This made him a nightmare to play against and a dream to have in your squad for set-pieces and one vs one battling.

When Benteke was on the ball, it was nearly impossible for defenders to dispossess him. He held up the ball like a seasoned pro, allowing teammates to make runs and get into better positions. And with defending options the way they were back then, the opponents could do little else but haplessly watch him do whatever he wanted to do.

Benteke’s heading ability was another key attribute that made him such a deadly performer. Something he showed much more obviously during his career – then at Aston Villa.

With a heading accuracy of 85 and a jumping stat of 84, he was a menace in the air.

Crosses into the box became golden opportunities with Benteke lurking, ready to pounce and nod the ball home. Corners and set pieces were almost guaranteed goals if you aimed for his head.

It always made sense to have a good crosser of the ball to supplement these attributes – ideally with a bit of pace to burn. Which we’ll be sure to add in the Hobby FC ‘FIFA’ archives.

Pace might not have been Benteke’s strongest suit, but with a sprint speed of 75, he wasn’t exactly a slouch either. His acceleration and positioning more than made up for any lack of outright speed. His positioning stat of 82 meant he was always in the right place at the right time, ready to latch onto through balls or capitalize on defensive errors. Not exactly Emmanuel Emenike, but not bad at all!

Then, it was just down to your own reflexes!

His shooting was also a joy to control. With a finishing stat of 83, he was clinical in front of goal. Give Christian Benteke half a chance, and he would bury it. Long shots, volleys, or one-on-one situations, he could do it all. His shot power of 86 meant that goalkeepers were often left grasping at thin air as the ball rocketed past them. Not exactly Adriano on PES ^, but nobody is like Adriano, really!

In the competitive online modes, Benteke became a cult hero.

Players who mastered using him could wreak havoc on even the toughest of defenses. His combination of strength, heading, and finishing made him the perfect striker for many FIFA players.

In summary, Christian Benteke’s unique blend of physicality, heading prowess, and clinical finishing made him a standout and obvious choice on Ultimate Team. And his legend lives long in the fond memories of those who had the pleasure of controlling him on the virtual pitch.

Myself included!

Did you ever use Christian Benteke on FIFA 14?