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4 Perfect Football Summer Wardrobe Items

As the summer sun blazes and the football season reaches its zenith in Europe, it’s time to start planning for how you can add your favourite sport to your favourite time of year.

Building your Football Summer Wardrobe

It’s that time of year again…

Everyone’s in a much better mood, the company you work for have found another reason to not give our bonuses, and the SkyScanner website is proving too hard to ignore!

As you know, I love travelling for football reasons – like I’ve shown in my travel guides for AC Milan, Valencia and PSV – but I like to relax, too! It’s just that, while I do that, I like to represent my favourite teams while remaining comfortable at the same time

So, whether you’re hitting the beach, attending a backyard BBQ, or heading to a stadium without anybody noticing, here are four essential football-related clothing items to keep you cool, ready, and stylish all summer long.

Classic Football Jerseys

Of course, it’s the most obvious choice to start things off.

A timeless addition to any summer wardrobe is the classic football jersey.

Lightweight, breathable, and available in a variety of vibrant team colors and designs, football jerseys are perfect for showing off your team spirit while staying cool.

Modern jerseys often feature advanced moisture-wicking technology, ensuring you stay dry even during the most intense matches. So, it should be perfect for your summer trip to Mallorca!

Opt for a retro design for a vintage feel or go for the latest kit of your favorite team to stay current. Pair your jersey with shorts or jeans for a casual, sporty look that works both on and off the pitch. I also find it’s nice to represent a local club of the region you’re visiting. Not only does it usually look nice but it might help ingratiate you with the local community. It got me loads of free horchata in Valencia!

If you’re looking for genuine options at the best prices this summer – check out our friends over at The Soccer Archive. Here’s our personal review of them – and here’s their website!

Obviously, modern football shirts are fine but… it’s a personal choice.

Training Shorts

Football training shorts are another versatile summer staple.

More for substance over style – unless it’s Kappa.

Made from lightweight, breathable materials like polyester or mesh, these shorts are designed for optimal comfort and mobility. Look for shorts with an elastic waistband and drawstring for a customizable fit. But get separate swimming shorts, okay? Trust me on that one.

Graphic Tees

When it comes to non-official football apparel, the world is pretty split.

Some will only buy ‘official’ stuff, and others hate the crass commercialism of the bigger clubs and wear bootleg tees out of protest. So, this is somewhere in the middle!

Football-inspired graphic tees are a great way to incorporate your love for the game into your everyday attire. These tees often feature bold designs, such as team logos, famous players, or iconic moments in football history. Much like what we see from FourFourTee or Art of Football.

Made from soft, breathable cotton, graphic tees are perfect for keeping cool on hot summer days. They can be easily paired with shorts, jeans, or even skirts for a relaxed, yet stylish ensemble.

Bucket Hats and Caps

Yes, you can get sunburnt on your scalp – in fact it’s one of the most common areas, even with a full head of hair. So make sure you protect yourself this summer!

Bucket hats offer 360-degree sun protection and a laid-back vibe, making them perfect for beach days or outdoor festivals. Usually a light, ribbed cotton material as well – for extra heat dispersion.

Caps, on the other hand, provide a sportier look and are ideal for keeping the sun out of your eyes during a match. Choose hats adorned with your favorite team’s logo or colors to show off your football allegiance while protecting yourself from the summer rays.


A summer look is simply incomplete without some kind of football adornment.

With these football-related clothing items, and you’ll be ready to support your team in style, whether you’re at the stadium or enjoying the game from the comfort of your backyard.

Stay cool, stay comfortable, and most importantly, stay passionate about the game you love.

Which of these are you adding to your travel suitcase this summer?