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The Best Arsenal Players to Collect from the 2023/24 Season

Despite the lack of silverware, there’s no doubting the evident change in Arsenal’s fortunes over the past couple of years. And it seems the fans are right behind Mikel Arteta’s men.

The Best Arsenal Players to Collect Right Now

It seems an age ago now that Arsenal were finishing outside of Europe and fans were calling for the manager’s head, because now it seems they’d do anything to prevent that from happening.

Mikel Arteta has really gone to create a side capable of winning the Premier League.

With this past season surpassing the points tally achieved by the famous Invincibles team of 2003/04, it seems like there’s a zenith for this team to reach which they are yet to do – winning the league and maybe even going a bit further in Europe.

But not only has he created an aesthetic, free-flowing team to beat the competition, but also a largely likeable one among the Gunners faithful, which always helps when it comes to ascertaining their value in the collectors’ market. So, with several standout performances this season, here are the top five names to consider as investments going into what could be their year in 2024/25…

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka has solidified his status as a cornerstone of Arsenal’s squad and one of the Premier League’s brightest talents. He’s also probably one of the most likeable players in the world.

Known for his versatility, creativity, and goal-scoring ability, Saka’s performances this season have been nothing short of brilliant this year, and perilously consistent throughout the year.

As a side-note, that missed penalty at Euro 2020 seems to have added to his aura a little bit.

In the sense that it’s developed this incredible redemption arc to his early career story, and has people wanting to represent him and back his case even more. And what better way to do that, than to take a look at collecting some of his best collectibles.

Naturally, collectors are particularly drawn to his autographed items, match-worn jerseys, and rookie cards, which have seen a surge in value. And if next year is their year, he will have a lot to do with it.

Gabriel Martinelli

Gabriel Martinelli has continued to build on his promise, becoming a key player for Arsenal this season.

The Brazilian forward’s explosive pace, dribbling skills, and knack for scoring crucial goals have made him a fan favourite this year, even with some of his game time limited.

Largely thanks to Leandro Trossard, who’s within a hair’s breath of making this list himself!

Martinelli’s match-worn jerseys, signed photographs, and limited-edition cards are popular among collectors right now, with his dynamic style of play and potential for even greater future success making his items (potentially) valuable investments. Would still say Saka is a surer bet for now…

Martin Ødegaard

The Norwegian playmaker Martin Ødegaard has been instrumental in Arsenal’s midfield, showcasing his vision, passing accuracy, and leadership as the team’s captain.

Honestly, the man has been sensational while developing under Mikel Arteta.

A linchpin of Arteta’s Arsenal side has been their creativity, and versatility in the depth and type of chances that they create. With runners like Saka and Martinelli providing the wide option, and Jesus and Trossard nearer to the middle – and Havertz with his height. But rest assured, when they’ve needed someone to pick that lock this season, Odegaard usually had the key!

Collectors seek out his signed memorabilia, including autographed shirts and boots, as well as his trading cards, especially those from limited print runs. Ødegaard’s growing influence in the team and his international reputation add to the allure of his collectibles. A very worthy investment.

William Saliba

William Saliba has emerged as a defensive stalwart for Arsenal this season.

The French center-back’s composure, strength, and tactical awareness have made him a crucial part of the team’s backline.

As we know from this piece on Real Madrid’s Galacticos, even the best names in football history will struggle to be deemed collectible purely by virtue of being a less sexy position – as a defender. But Saliba is about as smooth and silky as they come, and will prove vital to Arsenal if they are to mount another serious title challenge next season, so he can join that illustrious list to the contrary.

As a result, fans will want a memento to remember what Saliba’s impact is.

For the same reason, you might want to keep an eye on Declan Rice, too!


The 2023/24 season has been a memorable one for Arsenal, with several players stepping up and delivering outstanding performances. And the fans realise that.

For collectors, investing in memorabilia from Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli, Martin Ødegaard and William Saliba represents a chance to own a piece of this exciting chapter in the club’s history.

These players not only contribute significantly to Arsenal’s success on the pitch but also hold immense potential for future growth in the world of football collectibles.

Which of these Arsenal players are you most interested in collecting?