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6 Bargain Buys from Football Manager 2008

I absolutely adored Football Manager 2008 (‘FM 08’), and I can’t even begin to count how many hours I racked up on that thing, but at least something great and useful came out of it, I guess!

The Best Bargains on Football Manager 2008

As even the most novice FM player will know, if you’re looking to build successful teams without breaking the bank, discovering bargain players is key.

Much like we mentioned in a similar article for FM 07, there are a number of things to consider.

Namely, the team you’re managing, the budgets they have and the ‘pull’ / ‘aura’ they possess for certain fledgling talents for wanting to join them. So it goes without saying, if you’re Manchester United, take your pick. But if you’re Walsall FC – like I was here, maybe be a bit more conservative.

These hidden gems offer incredible value and can develop into stars with the right guidance. Here are six bargain footballers you should consider signing in Football Manager 2008.

Guilherme (Cruzeiro)

Position: CAM/CF
Age: 18
Nationality: Brazilian
Estimated Transfer Fee: £2-3 million

Guilherme is a highly talented young forward from Cruzeiro, known for his technical prowess and goal-scoring abilities. His agility and dribbling skills make him a constant threat to defenses, while his potential to grow into a top striker makes him a valuable asset for any team.

In order to foster that development, you need to give Guilherme the right trainer to improve his composure in the crucial moments and trial him out a little deeper if necessary in the long-term.

Also, like with anyone from South America in this game for foreign leagues, you may face a struggle in gaining a work permit for his employment unless in a high-profile league and for a high-profile club.

Sotiris Ninis (Panathinaikos)

Position: CAM
Age: 17
Nationality: Greek
Estimated Transfer Fee: £1-2 million

Sotiris Ninis is a young attacking midfielder from Panathinaikos with exceptional creativity and vision. His ability to orchestrate play and create scoring opportunities makes him an ideal playmaker.

Simply trial him in his favourite role and watch him flourish! But watch out for a sell-on fee that his ex-club might try to insert into his contract, as his price will soar and you want it all – not them!

Could have easily gone for Pablo Piatti here, but we’ve spoken about him enough, right?

Bojan Krkić (Barcelona)

Position: ST
Age: 16
Nationality: Spanish
Estimated Transfer Fee: £5-6 million

Bojan Krkić, a young prodigy from Barcelona, is surprisingly affordable in FM 2008. Known for his technical ability and goal-scoring instinct, Bojan has the potential to become a world-class forward.

Not only if he one of the best Football Manager 2008 bargains, but arguably one of the great bargains in FM history when you consider just how many goals he’s capable of scoring.

In real life, we remember him strutting his stuff for Stoke in that weird era for them, but in this game, it will be nigh-on impossible to attract someone of Bojan’s calibre without having the pull of a big side.

Unless you’re Tony Pulis, obviously…

Carlos Vela (Arsenal)

Position: RW
Age: 18
Nationality: Mexican
Estimated Transfer Fee: £3-4 million

Carlos Vela, a promising young forward from Arsenal, is known for his pace, dribbling, and versatility. He can play both as a winger and a central striker, making him a valuable addition to any squad.

Much like Bojan, you will need to be a top club to prise him from Arsenal’s grasp on Football Manager 2008, but it might be possible to enjoy a few loan spells for an EFL Championship side.

Marko Marin (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

Position: LW
Age: 18
Nationality: German
Estimated Transfer Fee: £2-3 million

Marko Marin is a talented young winger from Borussia Mönchengladbach, known for his agility, dribbling, and creativity. His ability to beat defenders and deliver precise crosses makes him a constant threat on the flanks. Especially with a top striker up front to make use of all of them.

Every Football Manager 2008 fan remember him signing for Chelsea, and we all thought we’d get to see the version of him that the game presented, but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

That being said, fire up the game and get him in your squad – because that version of him will always be good provided you can train him not to shoot every single time he gets the ball!

Macauley Chrisantus (Hamburger SV)

Position: ST
Age: 17
Nationality: Nigerian
Estimated Transfer Fee: £1-2 million

Macauley Chrisantus, a Nigerian forward at Hamburger SV, is a hidden gem in FM 2008. His physical presence and goal-scoring ability make him a formidable striker.

Despite his low initial cost, he has the potential to develop into a top-tier forward.

Kind of like a Football Manager 2008 version of Gift Orban, if you can picture that!


In Football Manager 2008, finding bargain players who offer excellent value for money is crucial for building a successful team.

The six players highlighted each provide a unique blend of talent, potential, and affordability.

By investing in these players, you can secure the future success of your team without depleting your transfer budget. Happy managing!

Which of these Football Manager 2008 bargains do you believe in?