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How to ‘Invest’ in Kobbie Mainoo in 2024

As a United fan, it’s very easy for me to get all teary-eyes and wistful about what a great player Kobbie Mainoo can be for club and country. But in terms of ‘investability’, this an objective understanding.

The Growth of Kobbie Mainoo

It’s been an amazing season for Kobbie Mainoo. Of should I say, an amazing six months

Although Erik Ten Hag had sounded him out to start in his Manchester United midfield from the beginning of the 2023/24 season, a troubling pre-season injury postponed their plans.

But since returning from injury at the turn of the new year, the kid has gone from strength to strength.

His first full start came under incendiary circumstances away at Everton, and the calmness and composure was clear for all to see. In an area which United needed most in the middle of the park.

Since then, he’s scored a late winner vs Wolves, won Goal of the Month, established himself in the first team and has now received his first call up for Gareth Southgate’s England team en route to EURO ’24.

So, when we look at players to ‘invest’ in, Kobbie Mainoo is clearly a brilliant prospect at the prime of the market. Now, it’s about picking the right type of investable collectible for you.

Kobbie Mainoo Rookie Cards

I love cards, so this is where I’ll be looking.

Because as I showcase here, Kobbie Mainoo is the ideal type of rookie card.

He plays in the biggest league in the world (with the most eye balls), for one of the biggest teams in the world (with a humungous fan base) and he’s a likeable, talented kid with a terribly high ceiling.

Of course, there is always that niggling problem in the back of any collector’s head when it comes to collecting rookie cards, that it could all go very wrong, very quickly. With an injury, for example.

But, having had a setback already and with two managers – both club and national – seeming to back his development quite seriously, one can only hope that this will be managed effectively.

Looking at the market now, it’s soaring for Kobbie Mainoo rookie cards and I can sense an inevitable plateau coming to correct that once the fierceness of the talk surrounding him calms down a little bit.

But nevertheless, if he continues on his rise, then cards commemorating his breakthrough season as a Manchester United midfielder will look a pretty sturdy investment. Especially any insert cards, autographs – or even bases (depending on the level of ‘eye appeal‘).

His First Manchester United Shirt

Similar to rookie cards, ‘rookie shirts’ are always a welcome investment.

Historically, the shirts that sell for the most amount of money are ones that commemorate and celebrate a particular period or moment with which fans can resonate. Hehe, that rhymed.

And a treasured player’s first season is always a good one to go for.

Better still, he’s got a weird number this year – 37.

Presumably inherited from the academy setup, it seems only a matter of time before he gets an upgrade into a more established number more befitting of his first-team status. Much like when Rashford moved from 39 to 10, and Alejandro Garnacho from 49 to 17.

Mainoo’s First England Shirt

He could start for England tonight vs Brazil.

And if he does, we will get to see Kobbie Mainoo’s first ever senior England shirt.

Given its non-competitive status as a match, it won’t be the official number given to him in the England setup once he establishes himself as a first-teamer – hoping he does, of course.

But once it’s confirmed, then we will (presumably) be setting ourselves up for the long haul of backing him and the rest of the lads through the next EUROs, World Cups and so on.

Let’s just hope for the best, ey…


Kobbie Mainoo is a highly investable football player.

Provided that things continue to go his way and he keeps his head screwed on.

Assuming he does, then clearly, investing in his rookie cards, first shirts and subsidiary memorabilia like signed shirts, programmes and photos will continue to keep their value.

As with every investment, it is a risk and you need to make a sound, financial (not emotional) decision when investing your money into anything, let alone a football player’s collectibles. So invest wisely!

Are you currently collecting anything related to Kobbie Mainoo?