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How to Watch PSV Eindhoven Abroad for Under £150 (Quick & Easy Steps)

I’ve always admired PSV Eindhoven from afar, especially during some of their peak times during the early 2000’s, so I made it my mission to see it for myself in the flesh.

A Brief History of PSV Eindhoven

Let’s just run through a few of their names on the PSV roster, shall we:

Ruud van Nisterlooy, Arjen Robben, Romario, Ronaldo (in no particular order).

That’s not a bad list, is it?

Even more so when I tell you that every single one of those players (and many more besides) weren’t just produced in the PSV line to be sold from a young age, but actually cut their teeth there to develop into their prime years as some of Europe’s top players (not prospects).

Their impact on the club remain loved and present on the grounds and it was players like these that have brought PSV Eindhoven the notoriety they still enjoy today.

How to fly to Eindhoven from the UK

It’s the easiest thing in the world.

But you need to do it from one of the main London airports.

Of all the options, it appears that London Stansted (STN) is the easiest option to fly directly to Eindhoven (EIN) with an average of 4/5 return flights every day between the UK and Holland.

But get this, the entire flight is under an hour! Perfect for fearful fliers like me!

And it’s around £50 at reasonable times! Perfect for cheap sods like me!

Getting into Eindhoven Centrum

I’m easily lost, so I had to walk around the airport before I found where I needed to be.

But if you’re of regular reading age and have some semblance of a sense of direction, then you can’t help but notice the signs for the bus stops located a few steps away from the airport exit.

Then, you need to get a paper ticket from a kiosk to take you to the centre – which is displayed very clearly on the interactive pods placed all over the outskirts of the airport.

Show it to the driver as you board and off you go. 30 mins to the centre of the city.

In fact, it is walkable – on fairly open roads, as a 45min-1hr option.

Finding a Hotel in Eindhoven & Fun Things to do on a Budget

I would normally separate these two things – like I did in my Milan and Valencia guides.

But I really can’t – because there just isn’t much to do in Eindhoven.

Other than going to a nice bar, pub, shopping mall or a snooker hall (like I ended up doing), you’re really there just to hand, have some food and wait until the game starts in my opinion.

Hence why I’d suggest only staying for a single night, with all hotels in the centre being at around the €100 mark, and most a stone’s throw away from the stadium.

How to Buy PSV Eindhoven Tickets Online

This was a bit of a debacle for me.

As there is a timer on when foreign fans can buy package tickets.

Otherwise, you need to be registered to a Dutch bank account to pay ‘regular’ prices, which is at around €30, than a package which starts at €40 – which isn’t really much different.

So, I would suggest getting your tickets at least 7 days in advance of the game, or you’ll have to do what I did and ask for tickets on Twitter and hope you don’t get scammed.

Spoiler, I didn’t – cheers mate!

How to get to the Philips Stadion

It’s always going to be walking distance from wherever you’re staying.

Unless you’re in Rotterdam or some other commutable distance away.

It’s almost like the entire city was made to support the crowning jewel of the Philips Stadion, to watch and support the red and white of PSV Eindhoven.

My hotel was 15 mins away – and that was at a leisurely pace.

Frankly, if you can’t walk there, you’ve got the wrong hotel choice!


I absolutely adored going to watch PSV Eindhoven.

It’s a club and stadium soaked in a lot of history, with a set of supporters and a stadium that deserves.

The fans were also always in full voice within the stadium and I found them to be wholly welcoming to ‘outsiders’ like myself. The food could have been a bit more adventurous than the ‘verse frites’ (‘fresh fries’) that everybody offers, but other than that, it was such an enjoyable experience.

And the flight was UNDER ONE HOUR. So if that’s not a good enough reason, nothing is.

Have you managed to visit PSV Eindhoven yet?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Eindhoven a safe city?

Incredibly so.

It’s always the first thing on my list to feel safe and at ease as a South Asian travelling on my own, and I was never made to feel unwelcome for a second in Eindhoven.

How long should I stay in Eindhoven?

One day.

24 hours. Honestly, that’s all you’ll need.

Especially if you have something like a PSV Eindhoven game to work around.

What is the PSV atmosphere like?

Passionate, fervent, yet really respectful.

It was a family atmosphere, with kids, mothers and even the occasional grandmother in the stand. And I can’t understand Dutch, but I’d be surprised if any were swearing.

Is Eindhoven easy to navigate?

Too easy.

You can’t get lost… unless you’re as useless as I am.