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Why I Started Hobby FC

I don’t actually know when this website officially started, even though I should. But with 100 articles written, let’s explore the origins of Hobby FC and what we’re looking to achieve

What is Hobby FC?

In short, Hobby FC is an all-in-one website tailored to football collectors.

But it expands on what it means to be a ‘collector’.

Of course, you have the physical collectibles e.g. shirts, cards, stickers and boots which are the most in-demand area of football-collecting as far as tangible items go. As we explore here.

And then you’ve got the intangible stuff: what you watch, listen to, read, explore and experience. Like podcasts, shows, movies and football holiday destinations. Here’s an example, special for you.

So, I’ve developed the Hobby FC brand to incorporate how all fans (from the newbie to the experienced) can indulge in the sport via these various hobby ‘routes’. We aim to have something for everyone, and will continue to expand as the hobbies themselves expand, too.

When did the Idea come from?

Truth be told, I’ve always been into football memorabilia – even when I was a kid.

In particular, my thing was always football cards.

I grew up in the era of Shoot Out cards, where I would repeatedly beg my dad to get me a few packs from the local newsagent whenever he came back from work. And like the legend he is, he rarely ever disappointed me. Especially back when a single pack was 30p – so he didn’t have much choice!

I’ll never forget the joy of taking those cards to school, trading with my friends, comparing our best XIs and hustling our way to get the best one in the class.

That’s since evolved to becoming a man with responsibilities, bills, council tax but still that unrelenting obsession of collecting cards. And realising everyone else likes them too!

And so, Hobby FC was born.

Dedicated to the community of football collectors I know and of which, have always been a part.

Who runs Hobby FC?


Hi, my name’s Dev, you know – from the ‘About Us‘ page.

I’m a content creator with a passion for all things football, and have now decided to merge my experience and passions together into this new venture, Hobby FC

Alongside my personal content pages: ‘Ammandev‘ and ‘Dev FC‘ – all found here.

What is our aim?

I want Hobby FC to become the hub for football collectors worldwide.

Not some random affiliate-driven website mindlessly taking readers through random articles with the intention of selling to you every chance we get.

But instead, a useful, wholesome website and media outlet tailored to purveyors and lovers of all things football memories and memorabilia.

How will we get there?

To start with, it’s all about the content.

Creating written and video content tailored to what football collectors need. Remaining helpful, entertaining and to the point right throughout that journey.

On that journey, I hope to connect with writers, creators, business-people, football clubs and many others to expand the realm of content that we can offer you.

Before you know it, there’ll be a marketplace, merchandise and a show for you to enjoy!

Manifestation, and all that, right?

How can you be a part of it?

Without you, Hobby FC is nothing.

It can never be seen, but more importantly, it can never evolve.

So, I am always open to hear from people who can add to the website / social media channels, and are as passionate about the football / ‘soccer’ memorabilia world as I am.

It’s not just a place to build an audience and let it be that, but to develop a proper community for soccer fans and soccer collectors to grow, develop, learn and build together.

If you like us, please do share us. If you don’t like us, let us know why!


Follow the Hobby FC journey.

And all the best in your football collecting journey! Enjoy!

What are your thoughts so far on Hobby FC? (Be honest)