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Vincent Enyeama: The Unbeatable Stopper of FM 07

I promised myself that I’d wait a wait before doing another FM 07 article, but then I had a dream about Vincent Enyeama and that went out the window. Honestly, I dreamt about the man! Virtual man!

In the hallowed halls of Football Manager folklore, certain players shine brighter than others. Vincent Enyeama, the Nigerian shot-stopper, stands as a beacon of brilliance and bargain in the world of FM 07. While the game boasted a plethora of talent, few could match the prowess and affordability of Enyeama. Let’s delve into why he was not just good, but an absolute steal of a deal.

Enyeama’s journey from obscurity to virtual stardom mirrors the real-life trajectory of many footballers. In FM 07, he emerged as a gem hidden amidst the vast pool of top goalkeepers.

Playing for Bnei Yehuda at the time, his stats were impeccable for a quintessential shot-stopper.

Remember, this was back in an era where the Football Manager game engine recognised that not every ‘key highlight’ had to be a goal or VAR intrusion, but a shot that a goalkeeper was tasked with preventing. And I never had to worry when a striker bore down on my goal with him protecting it.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Vincent Enyeama was his consistency.

Whether facing shots from close range or defying physics with acrobatic saves, he stood tall between the posts. His reflexes were sharper than a razor’s edge, often leaving opposition strikers scratching their heads in disbelief. Enyeama was not merely a goalkeeper; he was a guardian angel for any team fortunate enough to have him in their ranks. A dream come true, if you will.

He somehow had this ability to elevate the performance of the entire team. His calming presence instilled confidence in the defence, urging them to perform at their peak. Especially when you had someone like Anthony Van Den Borre in the backline – who I’m sure will have an article in his own right within the Hobby FC ‘Gaming‘ archive in no time at all!

I remember doing this with a Wolverhampton Wanderers save on FM 07 where I bought a young Gareth Bale (from Southampton) at left-back. With Vincent Enyeama in net, Gareth went on to realise his potential as he didn’t have to track back or worry much about defending.

They were my version of Allison x Trent Alexander-Arnold. Only better!

Clean sheets became a norm rather than an exception, and victory seemed within grasp with Vincent Enyeama standing guard. His reflexes at 17 seemed a bit of an understatement.

Now, let’s talk about the price tag. In a game where transfer fees often skyrocket into the millions, Enyeama was a refreshing anomaly. His value belied his skill, making him accessible to even the most financially strapped clubs. His maximum price was £300,000.

And that’s if you had no idea how to negotiate on Football Manager.

Enyeama’s impact transcended mere statistics. He became a cult hero among FM 07 aficionados, with forums buzzing with tales of his exploits. From miraculous saves to game-winning performances, Enyeama etched his name into virtual footballing folklore. His presence in the game was as iconic as it was influential, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of players worldwide.

For me, his journey from obscurity to virtual stardom epitomized the essence of Football Manager – uncovering hidden gems and molding them into champions.

For those lucky enough to have experienced the joy of managing Vincent Enyeama, his name will forever be synonymous with greatness. So here’s to Vincent Enyeama, the unbeatable bargain of FM 07, whose legend continues to thrive in the annals of virtual football history.

Did you ever purchase Vincent Enyeama on Football Manager?