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5 ‘OG’ Football YouTubers Who Made Our Childhood Fun

If you’re anything like me, your subscriptions would’ve been crammed by a number of ‘OG’ Football YouTubers who made our childhood what they were: A ‘huge waste of time’ according to our parents, but an ‘incredible time to be alive’ according to us.

The Best Football YouTubers Ever

It’s a debate that completely depends on when you were born.

Because that immediately dictates whichever YouTubers you grew up with.

If I were to ask the majority of young football fans now, they will throw up names that I wouldn’t be adding to my ‘Subscriptions’ tab, and maybe it’s a vice versa situation.

But these football YouTubers played a significant role in shaping the online football community and left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers around the world. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and celebrate five iconic football YouTubers who made our childhoods unforgettable.

KSI (Olajide “JJ” Olatunji)

“Hey guys, it’s ya boi KSIOlajideBT!”

Wow, that takes me back!

Long before KSI became a household name in the world of entertainment, he rose to prominence as one of the original football YouTubers. Which is a pretty easy thing to forget when you consider the pure depth of his achievements – from boxing to hit singles. The guy’s done it all!

With his infectious energy, comedic flair, and outrageous FIFA gameplay, KSI captured the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. Whether he was pulling off impossible skill moves, engaging in epic pack openings, or trash-talking his opponents, KSI’s videos were a source of endless entertainment and laughter for football fans of all ages.

And who can forget Race to Division One? Nobody, that’s who.

NepentheZ (Craig Douglas)

As one of the first FIFA YouTubers to achieve widespread success, NepentheZ, aka Craig Douglas, played a pivotal role in shaping the FIFA gaming community on YouTube.

With his engaging commentary, insightful analysis, and skillful gameplay, NepentheZ attracted a dedicated following of fans eager to learn from his expertise and experience.

Whether he was sharing trading tips, reviewing player cards, or competing in intense online matches, NepentheZ’s videos were a staple for FIFA enthusiasts looking to improve their game.

I know I personally took a lot of tips from Nep (which is a pretty crazy sentence if I didn’t watch my spelling here), and few will begrudge me from adding into to a football YouTubers list like this.

AA9Skillz (Anto Garabet)

Known for his mastery of skill moves and flair on the virtual pitch, AA9Skillz, also known as Anto Garabet, quickly became a favorite among FIFA gamers on YouTube.

With his charismatic personality, infectious enthusiasm, and jaw-dropping gameplay, AA9Skillz entertained viewers with his signature blend of creativity and finesse.

It could be participating in epic squad builder showdowns, or embarking on thrilling Road to Glory series, AA9Skillz’s videos were a must-watch for FIFA fans seeking entertainment and inspiration.

His collaborations with the above were legendary at times! And I love that he’s still flying the flag high for the newer games to be as free-flowing as the ones he made so popular.

Spencer FC (Spencer Owen)

Spencer FC, aka Spencer Owen, emerged as a prominent figure in the football YouTube community with his unique blend of gaming, vlogging, and real-life football content.

From hosting FIFA tournaments to organizing charity matches, Spencer FC brought the football community together both on and off the virtual pitch. He’s also the only one on this list (and an elite few across many others) that can boast owning his own ‘real’ football team.

Since its inception, Hashtag United have been the frontrunner across a number of esports and non-league initiatives that would do well to inspire those around them.

With his infectious passion for the game, genuine interactions with fellow YouTubers, and commitment to philanthropy, Spencer FC inspired viewers to celebrate the beautiful game and make a positive impact in the world. You can find out more about our favourite Spencer FC FIFA series over here.

Be sure to check out his new ‘How to Run a Football Club‘ podcast by the way. It’s proper!

Wroetoshaw / W2S (Harry Lewis)

Chair-throws, Pack openings and FUT drafts. Need I say more?


These five OG football YouTubers played a pivotal role in shaping the online football community and made our childhoods unforgettable with their entertaining content, infectious enthusiasm, and genuine passion for the beautiful game.

From epic FIFA battles to real-life football adventures, they inspired millions of viewers around the world to embrace their love for football and connect with fellow fans in the digital realm.

As we reminisce about the golden age of football YouTube, let’s celebrate the enduring legacy of these iconic creators who paved the way for future generations of content creators and football enthusiasts alike.

Which of these football YouTubers did you personally watch?