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3 Spencer FC FIFA Series We All Loved

Over the last 20 Years, Youtube has become the hub for content creators like Spencer FC, where they have built their following through a combination of personal insight and creative content ideas.

Who is ‘Spencer FC’?

Whether it’s charity matches, renowned series for fans to watch or running a football club, Spencer Owen (A.K.A. ‘Spencer FC‘, A.K.A. ‘FIFA Playa‘) has done it all.

As of late, his incredible journey with Hashtag United has (understandably) taken up a lot of time, particularly with some of the problems they’ve had to contend with as of late. But with that hopefully behind them and brighter times ahead, we thought we’d do what we do best here at Hobby FC.

With nostalgia our guide, this post is all about diving into our personal Top 3 favourite Spencer FC FIFA series, and what better place to start than…

Forever Blowin’ (FIFA 14 Ultimate Team)

In this series Spencer had to play FUT from Division 10 to Division 1 using only past and present West Ham United players on FIFA 14, which absolutely makes that dreaded slog from Div 10 to Div 1, an even more difficult Challenge.

Some of our favourite memories of FIFA creators have come from Road To Glory type series like this and there is still a huge amount of nostalgia going back through ‘Forever Blowin’ and remembering some of the simple things that made FIFA 14 one of the best games in the FIFA series.

Throughout the series, SpencerFC’s storytelling skills shine as he weaves together narratives that are both engaging and emotional. His commentary is infused with a genuine passion for the game and a desire to shed light on the untold stories of these forgotten footballers.

We love a good ‘forgotten footballer’ tale at Hobby FC, and here is an article to prove it!

Forever Blowin’ is a series that goes beyond the glamour of the footballing world and dives deep into the lives of forgotten footballers. Spencer FC’s ability to tell their stories with compassion and insight makes the series a compelling and thought-provoking watch.

Once A Lion (FIFA 15 Ultimate Team)

Following on from his successes with Forever Blowin’, Spencer FC started FIFA 15 with a new series idea, which follows some of the familiar aspects that made Forever Blowin’ so popular.

In this series Spencer can only use players who have been capped by England in international matches. As we continue throughout the series we get the opportunity to see how his team comes from a mix match of bronzes and silvers to a fully fledged ULTIMATE England XI.

The fun in this series as well as Forever Blowin’ quite often comes from seeing who Spencer gets from his designated ‘pots’ which essentially act as FIFA packs for the series, whether he pulled out John Ruddy or Gary Neville, we all couldn’t wait to see who he pulled from the pot!

By the time the series reached it’s 34th episode, Spencer decided to move Once A Lion to Twitch, bringing an end to the series on Youtube. While viewership remained high on Twitch the series fizzled out and eventually was brought to a close.

Whether that was to try your own Road To Glory club, or use some of the players that Spencer played with to see if you could do better, we really all had a great time watching Once A Lion.

Wheel Of Futune (FIFA 15-17 Ultimate Team)

Of course, this post would not be complete without the addition of Spencer’s highest rated FIFA series, The Wheel Of Futune

In this series, Spencer employs a wheel that determines various challenges, rules, and restrictions he must follow while playing FUT. Paying homage to its namesake, the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game show.

One of the key elements that make “The Wheel of Futune” so engaging is its element of surprise. With each spin of the wheel, Spencer never knows what challenge he will face next.

Whether it’s restricting himself to signing only players from specific countries, imposing tactical limitations, or even forcing himself to sell star players, the wheel introduces an element of unpredictability that keeps viewers eagerly awaiting the outcome of each episode.

His humour and insightful analysis make each episode entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Whether he’s celebrating a stunning goal, lamenting a costly mistake, or sharing his thoughts on the current state of his team, Spencer’s charismatic presence keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

There’s also a sense of progression which adds an additional layer of excitement and anticipation as viewers eagerly await the next episode to see how Spencer’s team will develop and overcome the challenges presented by the wheel.

Whether you’re a FIFA enthusiast or simply enjoy entertaining gaming content, “The Wheel of Futune” is a must-watch series that guarantees laughter, excitement, and an enjoyable ride through the unpredictable world of FIFA Ultimate Team


That brings an end to our Top 3 Spencer FC FIFA series!

Although Spencer Owen decided to take a step away from creating FIFA related content, we still are left with so many fantastic videos which will last in our minds.

Thanks for reading, we hope this post brings back fond memories of some of our favourite FIFA series on Youtube. Do you have any other favourites?

Let us know in the comments below or give us a follow on Twitter and leave your thoughts!