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Top 5 Most Valuable Cristiano Ronaldo Cards

There’s a lot of news around this man at the minute, so it’s the perfect moment for collectors. These Cristiano Ronaldo cards (or stickers in some cases) will come in at various values for a number of reasons, so feel free to check them out below and add them to your football card collection. We’ll even do our best to source the most updated prices for you, too.

Which Cristiano Ronaldo Cards are Available Right Now?

Well, the man isn’t short of merchandise, let’s be honest.

But more pertinent than that, is the fact that there’s a lot of variety to his career – having played at a number of different clubs in alternative clubs throughout the years.

Until very recently – before Lionel Messi lifted the World Cup trophy with Argentina at Qatar 2022 – this ‘he’s done it in multiple leagues’ thing was a weapon most Ronaldo fans would use in that neverending ‘GOAT’ debate. But now that’s over, it’s becoming useful here.

Typically, cards become valuable when there’s a story attached to them e.g. a player’s debut, their biggest moment, most prolific season etc.

And suffice to say, there are a number of Cristiano Ronaldo cards which fit the bill.

So, for this list, we’re going to list those key moments in his career along with the comemorative cards and/or stickers (without a card version) which were produced to mark the occasion. All of which are extremely collectible amongst Ronaldo fans and will (most likely) continue to grow in value as the legendary Portuguese trundles towards his inevitable retirement in the coming couple of years.

Ronaldo’s Return to Manchester United in 2021

Not many could have predicted how this fabled return would end.

Almost from the moment he left Old Trafford to follow his ‘dream’ in Madrid, speculation arose as to whether or not his adoring United fans would be able to welcome him back.

The years went by (as did his prime), and it soon seemed that the football world would never be able to see the prodigal son being welcomed back home. Especially as their stock had plummeted in the very time where his had soared higher than ever before.

Then, mercifully – or so it seemed at the time – a stuttering period at Juventus and a COVID-induced fire sale opened the door for a move back to Manchester United.

Which finally materialised after a scary Manchester City proposal was vehemently denied.

Whatever the real source of the rumours, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United in time for a season of true turmoil and malcontent amongst the fans.

Resulting in arguably the most depressing season in the club’s history following the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, and an aimless trudge to a low Premier League finish without a manager, nor a proposed ‘consultant’ in Ralf Rangnick.

Nevertheless, it was a memorable season for CR7. From his Newcastle re-debut, to his Champions League heroics, Ronaldo was United’s Player of the Season that year.

The Topps team went into overdrive with their ‘Now’ collection for ‘Ronnie’, as they memorialised his re-signing, first game and UCL matches for the 2021/22 season. All of which are presenting healthy resale value now that his departure has been confirmed.

It’s too early to determine how these cards will be priced from this era as the market still needs to settle on a secure value, but with PSA-Graded options (some at a 10) going for around the £50 mark on eBay, that represents very good value for a legend like him who can only have around 2-3 solid years left as a professional footballer.

Cristiano Ronaldo signs for Real Madrid in 2009

It was the worst-kept secret in the football world at the time.

But that didn’t stop it from dominating the front and back pages of the press.

For what it’s worth, Cristiano chose his time very wisely to make that long-awaited move to Real Madrid – just as he was entering his prime as a star for Manchester United.

Not only did he help them to their first UEFA Champions League title since that legendary side of ‘99, but his value had exceeded (including bonuses) the big £100 million mark for the first time in football history. Plus, it was at the most opportune moment for Madrid.

After the ignominy that followed the first ‘Galactico’ era under Florentino Perez, both he and the wider Los Blancos hierarchy were keen to not let lightning strike twice.

So, instead of simply signing ‘big-name’ players, they’d focus on getting the right ones.

This began with the 21 year-old Karim Benzema, who arrived from Lyon around the same time as Liverpool’s cultured, in-demand playmaker, Xabi Alonso.

Then came the great Kaka. A beautiful, balletic trequartista who spearheaded the success enjoyed by Carlo Ancelotti in his famous AC Milan team (alongside the likes of Maldini, Pirlo, Shevchenko et al). He initially broke the world transfer record at €68 million.

Like I say, Cristiano came in and smashed that. From there, he went from strength to strength in a Real Madrid shirt; with collectors wanting to relish that period of time where the success hadn’t yet materialised. And when many were still unsure if he could do it.

Needless to say, he surpassed expectations and his Panini Super Strikes cards can fetch a pretty penny, though they aren’t the most aesthetic designs. Nor are his Mundicromo options, though these are far more desirable as the heritage links to the Spanish league.

But of them all, the most desirable Ronaldo collectible from this era is his Panini UEFA Champions League Sticker from 2009/10 – worth over €100 in good, ungraded condition.

Quite obvious when you consider that this competition has been the bedrock of much of his footballing legacy. And none come close to cementing that than ‘La Decima’.

Winning ‘La Decima’ with Real Madrid in 2014

As weird as it may sound, this was a long time coming for Real Madrid.

In that they hadn’t last lifted the trophy since 2001/02 (when some magic from Zidane earned them the championship over Bayer Leverkusen), and a number of the high-profile additions to that Madrid dressing room were starting to come under a bit of pressure.

Though as it would turn out, Madrid would not only take home the European silver this year, but a number of other subsidiary titles as well to top it all off.

The Final itself was a tawdry affair for the majority of the allotted time, as opponents Atletico Madrid had initially held out with a 1-0 scoreline until added time.

Whereupon a colossal Sergio Ramos header tipped the balance in Real’s favour.

From there, the men in white would score another three goals to win the match 4-1 after extra time. And true to form, Cristiano Ronaldo would add his name into the highlights.

Initially nullified by the tough, combative defensive style of manager Diego Simeone, Ronaldo popped up with the last kick of the game to score a textbook penalty.

The celebrations ensued, La Decima was finally theirs, and it lit the touch-paper for another five within the next decade to cement their reputation as the most successful European side of all time. No small part in thanks to the majesty of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Again, the Mundicromo and Panini Stickers are the best options for this 2013/14 season and if you’re a seller, you’d want to play up this narrative in your listings.

Ronaldo’s First Manchester United Debut in 2003/04

This was always going to be right near the top of the list.

As a kid, I failed to recognise the true gravity of the situation when Cristiano Ronaldo first stepped out onto that Old Trafford turf with the famous ‘7’ shirt on his back.

But watching that first game back, you knew you were in the presence of something special – as did everybody in the stadium at that time. A cameo appearance against Bolton was greeted with cheers and chants every time the young lad graced the ball, and he worked tirelessly to become the player he would be in those formative years at United.

Under Sir Alex Ferguson and the mature guidance available in the squad (Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs etc.), Cristiano Ronaldo’s return in the first year wasn’t extraordinary, though the building blocks were laid clearly.

He would go on to surpass his numbers with each passing year, before becoming FIFA’s Ballon D’Or winner in the year they won the Champions League title vs. Chelsea.

A lot happened in those four seasons in Manchester, and it will be impossible for fans born in this Messi/Ronaldo era to use what’s happened lately to forget those feelings.

Plus, while Messi has maintained that modest, unassuming look, Ronaldo has been quite obvious in his desire to turn his name into a brand. His physique, his hair and even his teeth changed with the money and his overall appearance is poles apart during this time.

So, his Merlin Topps Premier Gold card from this era in a good condition can fetch upwards of £500 as is – and even reaching the thousand mark with a good grade.

Not for the faint of heart, but an absolute must-have for die-hard collectors.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rookie Card at Sporting Lisbon (c. 2001)

This should have been an obvious one.

But basically just re-read by Manchester United debut section, for a lot of that same rationale pertains to the absurd value of his Sporting Lisbon ‘rookie’ card.

As the name would suggest, the cards and stickers from this period of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career commemorates the beginning of what would become a legendary story in the annals of the game. And it helps that the design is perfect to maintain that value.

With those frosted tips and pimples, it makes you want to go ‘aww’ from the moment you see it. 

Matched against that aesthetic Sporting Lisbon kit, it’s a really nice-looking card and is well worth its value along with some other top rookies at the time. The once-great hopeful Ricardo Quaresma comes to mind from this period – with both he and Ronaldo signalled to becoming the ‘next Luis Figo’ at club and international level.

It would be fair to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is the only one of the two that can say to have reached that tagline, and certainly the only one to have gone beyond it.

This is a piece which appeals to Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Portuguese fans and the wider football community due to its mere status as a golden ‘rookie’ select. It’s no wonder then, that a PSA 4 or better can fetch upwards of £2000. And climbing!


We’re talking about one of the most recognisable figures in football.

Scratch that – the world! After all, at the time of writing, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most ‘followed’ person on Instagram – which shows no sign of slowing down having ventured into a new market with his recent move to Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

We could be updating this Hobby FC article here, with a number of cards produced by the Saudi outfit themselves (which you will find in our dedicated ‘Cards’ or ‘Stickers’ archives).

But until then, it’s mostly about remembering the Cristiano Ronaldo we’ve had for so long, and preserving your own memento of the version that appealed most of all. 

Which of these Crisriano mementos would you most like to add to your collection and why?

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