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Thierry Henry’s Stylish Career in Football Shirts (1994-2014)

Even as a Manchester United fan myself, I have personally always adored Thierry Henry and feel really blessed to have grown up watching him in his pomp for Arsenal and Barcelona.

How good was Thierry Henry?

Well, some fans argue he’s the best striker the Premier League has ever seen.

And I’m one of them.

I’m aware that other strikers had a better goal-scoring record, but the pure swag, style and inevitability of the legendary Frenchman puts him in a league of his own for me.

It’s no wonder then that, throughout his illustrious career, he has adorned several football shirts that became synonymous with his greatness. In this chronological journey, we explore some of the best Thierry Henry football shirts that encapsulate different chapters of his remarkable career.

AS Monaco (1994-1999): The Beginning

Thierry Henry began his professional career at AS Monaco, and it was during this time that he showcased the early signs of his immense talent.

It was also here where he met up (and not for the last time) with Arsene Wenger, who spotted his talents early on, but was unable to make their paths align at this stage of their lives.

The red and white stripes of AS Monaco’s home shirt from the 1994-1995 season saw a young Henry making his mark. Although his time at Monaco was relatively short, the memories of him donning the iconic jersey still resonate with fans who witnessed his explosive pace and goal-scoring flair.

That ‘Canal+’ sponsor along with that extra head of hair on a young Thierry’s scalp help us roll back the years, and I’m struggling to find a pristine version of this shirt for less than £300 online at the time of writing this! So suffice to say, you might be losing your locks if you try and get one yourself!

Juventus (1999-2000): The Italian Challenge

Henry’s move to Juventus marked a significant chapter in his career. And we need to lay to rest this idea that he ‘struggled’ to adapt to the harshness of the Italian catenaccio style.

In fact, he was pretty good at Juve – it’s just that… so was the rest of the team! As such, it was difficult for him to properly stand out and showcase the true depth of his footballing ability.

Especially in their somewhat rigid system and lack of natural expression across the front line.

A good number of his performances hinted at the brilliance that would later define his career. That fresh fade and the ‘D+‘ sponsored Turin kit served as the preamble for the main event.

Which lay a short flight away westwards to the historic Highbury Stadium.

Arsenal (2000-2007): Turning ‘Invincible’

A lot has been said of Thierry Henry at Arsenal, and that whole ‘Invincible’ period.

And when it comes to the shirts he wore in North London, you can take your pick!

Closer to when he signed, they had the ‘Dreamcast‘ sponsor emblazoned across the front, which generally invokes emotion of the era directly preceding the Frenchman’s arrival.

But when they made that switch to ‘O2‘, that’s pure Thierry Henry territory. That classic right and white livery travelled with him for much of this era, and then that famous maroon and gold combination, which is a fan’s favourite among Arsenal fans – as are a few that we mentioned here.

Prices are relatively modest for genuine articles of these shirts (probably because everybody bought them and there’s more to go around), and a good one could cost about £100. It’ll always depend on where you look, but if I were you, I’d check out what you can find here via The Soccer Archive.

Barcelona (2007-2010): The Catalan Goal

Thierry Henry’s move to Barcelona in 2007 saw him join a team that would become one of the greatest in football history, as opposed to leading a team to be great, he was one of many.

The iconic red and blue stripes of Barcelona’s home shirt from the 2007-2008 season witnessed Henry becoming part of Pep Guardiola’s “tiki-taka” revolution. Playing alongside the likes of Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto’o, Henry added a new dimension to the team’s attacking prowess.

The Barcelona shirt encapsulates a period of unprecedented success, with Henry winning numerous domestic and international honors during his tenure at the Camp Nou.

It’s not his most famous choice of shirt, but a brilliant one nonetheless.

Unless you support Arsenal.

New York Red Bulls (2010-2014): Only in America

Thierry Henry’s move to Major League Soccer (MLS) with the New York Red Bulls wasn’t exactly an unprecedented move. As we’ve proven in our piece on classic MLS shirts here.

But still, the pure thrill and allure of having him on their shores went down a treat in New Year.

As a designated player, Henry showcased his class and goal-scoring ability, leaving an indelible mark on the growing soccer culture in the United States. Coinciding with the all-round controversial but undeniably success rise to the top of football by Red Bull.

The shirt itself isn’t bad, but much more casually manufactured by the US than some of the European teams he’s played for. So you can find one quite easily nowadays, and you’re probably overpaying if you commit to a price greater than £50-60.

Arsenal (2012 Loan): Homecoming King

We’ve talked about this before, so this won’t take long.

It feels right that Thierry Henry would eventually return to Arsenal, even if it meant joining in some of the lower ebbs of the ‘Fly Emirates’ era to guide them to some form of success.

That goal against Leeds will live long in the memory, and with the centenary badge, modern nameset and tighter fit, it’s still a pretty tasty number for any collector – but only for around £70.

For more content on famous footballer homecomings, check out previous article here.


Thierry Henry is one of the greatest footballers we have ever seen.

And he’s played for some of the best clubs in the world.

Therefore producing some of the classiest shirts ever, which pretty much any football shirt collector worth their salt would have in their collection. It really is that simple.

Which of these Thierry Henry shirts do you like the most?