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FIFA Street vs. FIFA Street 2: Which is Better?

Take me back to the days where I got home from school, had a few slices of toast and loaded up FIFA Street until my eyes went fuzzy. Life was so much simpler back then, wasn’t it.

How good was FIFA Street?

The FIFA Street series, known for its vibrant street football gameplay and arcade-style mechanics, has captured the hearts of football fans worldwide.

And given names like Clinton Morrison a status that all gamers will preserve.

Both FIFA Street (2005) and its sequel, FIFA Street 2 (2006), brought a fresh, energetic take on the sport, distinct from the more traditional FIFA simulations. While both games have their unique strengths, a closer examination reveals that the original FIFA Street stands out as the superior title.

Of course, FIFA (now EA Sports FC) brought back an iteration of the FIFA Street style with ‘VOLTA‘ in the newer versions of their game, but let’s be real with ourselves – it’s nothing like the original. Partly because it’s a little too sophisticated, and the simple fact that nothing is better than the O-G.

If you’re easily triggered, you have been warned…

Gameplay Mechanics

The original game introduced players to a thrilling, fast-paced street football experience. Its focus was on simplicity and fun, offering intuitive controls that made it accessible to a wide range of players.

The game emphasized skill moves and trickery, creating an exciting, fluid gameplay environment that perfectly captured the essence of street football.

I believe the word is… ‘rustic’. Yeah that’s it. It was rustic.

The sequel built on the foundation of its predecessor by adding more complexity. It introduced the “Gamebreaker” mechanic, allowing players to build up a meter and unleash powerful shots.

While this added a strategic layer, it sometimes disrupted the flow of the game, making it feel less seamless compared to the original. So far, FIFA Street (the original) is coming out on top.

Visual & Aesthetic Appeal

The gritty, urban aesthetic of the first one was fresh and exciting, perfectly encapsulating the street football culture – unlike anything we grew accustomed to with the typical FIFA games.

The soundtrack, featuring upbeat and energetic tracks, further complemented its visual style, creating an immersive atmosphere. As are the sound effects used by players and during skill moves.

While the sequel continued with a similar visual style, it didn’t significantly innovate beyond what was established in the first game. The environments and player animations were refined, but the overall look and feel remained largely unchanged.

The soundtrack also maintained a high standard but did not offer a markedly different experience from the original. Again, FIFA Street is winning the battle.

Player & Team Customisation

Customisation in the first game was relatively basic but effective.

Players could select from a variety of real-world football stars and street football legends, creating dream teams that reflected their personal preferences.

This sequel expanded on customisation options, allowing for more detailed team and player customisation. While this was a welcome addition, it also made the game feel more complex and slightly less approachable for casual players who enjoyed the straightforward nature of the original.

But really, who cares about that? If the game’s good to begin with, it doesn’t need customising.

Replay-ability & Fun Factor

The O-F FIFA Street will always beat the second one in this regard.

End of discussion.

If you don’t believe me, fire both up and tell me which one keeps you on for longer!


And stiiiiillllll….

While FIFA Street 2 brought some noteworthy improvements and expanded on the original’s formula, it is the original FIFA Street that ultimately comes out on top.

The first game’s simplicity, vibrant aesthetics, and sheer fun factor make it a more memorable and accessible experience. It captured the raw energy and excitement of street football in a way that resonated with a broad audience, from casual gamers to hardcore football fans.

FIFA Street’s emphasis on fluid, fast-paced gameplay without the complexity of additional mechanics made it a standout title. Its influence is still felt today, proving that sometimes, less is more.

By focusing on the core elements of fun and accessibility, FIFA Street remains a beloved classic that set the benchmark for street football games.

Which of these FIFA Street games did you play the most?