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The Premier League Christmas Gift-Giving Guide (2023)

I scoured the internet for the perfect Christmas presents for the football fan in your life — so you don’t have to.

Football Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

The Premier League is the most popular football league in the world, and its fans are some of the most passionate, wanting to represent their teams not just on match day but every day.

Whether scarves, jerseys, mugs, or keychains, every fan wants their team colours to brighten up the mundane moments in life. The world of football memorabilia and merchandise can be tricky to navigate, with the prevalence of counterfeit items and overpriced pieces. I’ve scoured the internet to find unique and thoughtful gifts that will put a smile on the face of Premier League fans this Christmas. 

A basic guide to begin with:

  • Consider their favourite team (don’t get this mixed up to avoid a classic Christmas argument)
  • Keep in mind your budget (football memorabilia can get pricey very quickly)
  • Make sure it’s something they’ll use and enjoy (I can’t count how many Chelsea mugs are in my parent’s kitchen)
  • Get it personalised if possible (my shirt with my surname on the back that I was gifted as a ten-year-old, despite outgrowing it, is still very special to me)

Football Shirts

Let’s start with the obvious choice – team jerseys. You can easily get new jerseys for all twenty Premier League teams directly from your team’s store or other online retailers such as Nike and Adidas.

Shopping for the 2023-2024 Home Shirts in November/December is a great money-saver too, because the 2024-25 shirts are in production, plus Black Friday discounts which many football outlets offer. For instance, via Manchester United’s store, I found the current Home Shirt reduced from £80 to £48. Ideal for the United fan in your life this Christmas!

The Adidas Manchester United 24-25 home shirt will be launched in early July 2024 (the deal with Snapdragon starts on 1st July 2024) which means at least another eight months wear for half the price of earlier in the year. Result! The most expensive new jersey was Tottenham Hotspur’s Home Shirt, at £125 (direct from the club), whilst the most affordable were Sheffield United (£55 via JD Sports) and Burnley FC (£40 direct from the club). 

Vintage Football Shirts

If you’re looking to save money or to find something more unique than the current home and away shirts, gifting a vintage jersey is always an option.

Securing a vintage shirt in the correct size and team does take a little longer due to reduced supply, but I think it’s always worth it, especially if it’s for a veteran fan. Browsing Etsy, Depop, and Vinted, I found some fantastic shirts and other types of memorabilia.

On Etsy, rare finds included an Aston Villa European Cup Winner 1982 squad signed t-shirt (£29.99) and a few 1996/97 Liverpool away shirts (£31).

Depop had a better variety of shirts, including an Adidas Chelsea 2006/07 polo shirt (£20), perfect for a Chelsea fan wanting to reminisce on the glory days away from the middle of the table (Chelsea placed second in the Premier that year and won two trophies). A vintage shirt is also a great gift for environmentally-minded fans who don’t want to contribute to fast fashion.

With new shirts released yearly, the environmental cost of the football shirt industry is undeniable. And as you know from this article about The Soccer Archive, we love a vintage football shirt.

A proper Christmas gift for the nostalgic football fan.

Football Streaming Services

Another option is a subscription to a sports streaming service. Although match tickets are a fan’s dream gift, these can be expensive even for annual ticket holders and nearly impossible to get if you aren’t a club member.

Several streaming services are available, so you can choose one that fits your budget.

For example, Sky holds the majority of rights to the Premier League in the UK with 128 live games per season, from £34 a month. BT (TNT Sports) holds the rights to the second-most games with 52 live matches per season, from £15 a month. Amazon Prime Video holds the rights to 20 live Premier League games split across two match days, from £8.99 monthly.

A subscription brilliant for fans who have reduced mobility or cannot afford the travel costs to away games. It’s a win-win for everyone — especially if you live in the same household and want to watch the league!

Video or PC Games

Football-themed video games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are also great options for the gamers in your life. Fifa is always popular, and with the release of EA SPORTS FIFA 23 and EA SPORTS FC 24 (the same video game in a different jersey) this year, you could make someone’s Christmas! The latest version, released in September, features 19,000+ fully licensed players, 700+ teams, and 30+ leagues playing together.

You could even opt for some of the older games to release the nostalgic feels this Christmas. Like an old Football Manager save or maybe even something like PES 6 – which we spoke about here.


Football-themed experiences can be expensive but will be worth the memories you create. This could include anything from a stadium tour to a coaching session with a former Premier League player.

Several companies offer these experiences, so you can find one that fits your budget and interests. Most teams offer stadium tours.

To name a few, Arsenal offers an Emirates Stadium tour from £30-£375, while West Ham’s London Stadium is £20-45. If you’re looking for something with more adrenaline, Wembley Stadium, home to the England football team, featuring many Premier League players, has a zip line over the pitch! This is operated by Wire & Sky, set up in 2015 and apparently reopening soon.

Our founder spoke of his experiences to Milan and Valencia recently, so check those out!

Support Charitable Causes

Lastly, nearly every professional football club in the country has a linked community-based charity, and the wealth of the Premier League teams means they can support multiple worthwhile causes.

Last year, Chelsea was revealed as the most charitable club after donating over £7.5m in 12 months. Other team’s charities include Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, Fulham FC Foundation, and Newcastle United Foundation. You could donate to one of these charities in the name of the Premier League fan in your life. 

As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. I hope this list has given you some ideas of gifts for your favourite football fans — apart from their team coming top of the table at the end of the year!


Christmas is a time for good times, festivities and football.

The end.

Which of these gifts would you love to get this Christmas?