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4 Phoenix Clubs Who Need Our Support

Although the bigger teams will take up the majority of our media space, there has been a good few phoenix clubs who have shown a very different side to the game we all love.

What are ‘Phoenix Clubs’ in Football?

In the world of football, some clubs have faced adversity and challenges that tested their very existence, almost unthinkable with the money going around higher up the pyramid.

However, through resilience, determination, and the support of their communities, these clubs have risen from the ashes like a phoenix, ready to soar once again. In this article, we’ll explore four phoenix clubs that have overcome adversity and are worthy of your support.

Whether it’s through community engagement, grassroots initiatives, or a commitment to inclusivity, these clubs embody the spirit of resilience and perseverance that defines the beautiful game.

If you’d like to get involved in grassroots football yourself, check out our guide here.

AFC Wimbledon

The story of AFC Wimbledon is one of the most inspiring tales in football history.

Born out of the heartbreak of Wimbledon FC’s controversial relocation in 2002, AFC Wimbledon was founded by loyal supporters who refused to let their club die.

Through fan ownership and grassroots efforts, AFC Wimbledon climbed through the ranks of English football to reclaim their place in the Football League. Today, AFC Wimbledon continues to thrive as a beacon of community spirit and resilience.

With a fan-owned model and a commitment to inclusivity, AFC Wimbledon is a club that truly belongs to its supporters. By supporting AFC Wimbledon, you’re not just supporting a football club; you’re supporting a community-driven movement that defied the odds and triumphed against adversity.

Poignantly, they’ve been ahead of the newly named ‘MK Dons’ for the past few years. Karma.

Hereford FC

Hereford FC emerged from the ashes of Hereford United, a club that faced financial difficulties and eventual liquidation in 2014.

Determined to keep football alive in their community, Hereford FC was founded by supporters who pooled their resources and rallied behind a shared vision of rebuilding their club from scratch.

Through the dedication of volunteers, the support of local businesses, and the passion of their fans, Hereford FC rose through the ranks of non-league football to reclaim their place in the football pyramid. Today, Hereford FC continues to thrive as a community-owned club that embodies the resilience and spirit of its supporters.

By supporting Hereford FC, you’re supporting a club that represents the unwavering determination of a community to preserve its footballing heritage and create a brighter future for generations to come.

FC United of Manchester

FC United of Manchester was born out of a shared desire to create a fan-owned football club that represented the values of its supporters. During an era where their historically-supported institution appeared to be going down a much less wholesome direction.

Formed in 2005 by disenchanted Manchester United fans in response to the Glazer family’s ownership of the club, FC United quickly became a symbol of fan power and grassroots activism. We’ve written about them previously here, as they’re a bit of a favourite here at Hobby FC.

With a commitment to affordable ticket prices, community engagement, and social justice initiatives, FC United has carved out a unique identity in the footballing landscape.

By supporting FC United of Manchester, you’re supporting a club that stands for more than just football; you’re supporting a movement for fan ownership, democracy, and social change.

One of my personal favourites phoenix clubs – being a Manchester United fan myself.

Scarborough Athletic FC

Formed in 2007 after the demise of Scarborough FC, Scarborough Athletic FC was established by supporters who refused to let their town go without a football club.

Through the dedication of volunteers, the support of local businesses, and the passion of their fans, Scarborough Athletic FC has gone from strength to strength, earning promotion and building a bright future for football in Scarborough.

Another one of those phoenix clubs born and growing its own dedicated community.


These four phoenix football clubs have overcome adversity and risen from the ashes to reclaim their place in the footballing world.

By supporting these clubs, you’re not just supporting football; you’re supporting a movement for fan ownership, community engagement, and the preservation of footballing heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Bearing in mind that ‘support’ doesn’t mean die-hard fandom. It can just mean as much as checking in on them now and again and giving the best vibes possible.

You’d be surprised the impact that can have – as we explored here.

Which of these phoenix clubs have you visited already?