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Nordensa: The Game-Changing App for Football Fans

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but the football transfer market is broken. But don’t worry, Nordensa is here with a mission to remedy that completely.

Having launched just a matter of weeks ago, the brains behind this app are pressing forward with their mission to re-shift the balance of power back into the hands of the fans. In this article, we’re going to find out just how they’re planning to do that. But first…

Why do we need Nordensa?

Well, like I’ve said already – the transfer market in football is completely broken.

Before the broadcasters, advertisers and untold riches came into the game, it may have been rudimentary but it was delightfully simple. Especially from a business sense.

Clubs were run (generally) by people working with the best interest of the club (and fans) in mind, and players were playing for similarly just and wholesome reasons. But now, with agents aplenty and fewer regulations to stop them, it’s almost impossible to be connected with the club and players we love.

So, it’s not as if Nordensa are approaching a simple task in rebalancing that issue, but we sat down with their Head of Partnerships, Adrian Ghite to discuss things in greater detail.

How would you describe Nordensa in a nutshell?

“Nordensa is a revolutionary initiative that reshapes the role of fans by enabling them to support football talent in real life. It unlocks access to global talent for clubs at all levels and gives chances to young footballers to shine. It enhances the game’s ecosystem and gives fans the feeling of ownership for the first time ever.

This brings the thrill of the game, and potential profits, right into fans’ hands.”

How did you come up with the idea?

“Although the founders of Nordensa do not come from the footballing industry, we are all very passionate about it. So the idea came up in one of the many discussions the founders had about what is right and what is not right in the football world.

With 5 billion people, football fans are the largest fandom on Earth. But they have very limited access to actual ownership in the game, not just engagement. We’re inviting football fans worldwide to turn into football investors. For the first time in history, we wanted fans to be able to back football athletes, invest in football academies and in football clubs worldwide.”

What does a day in the life look like at Nordensa?

“That depends on what internal team you’re in, life in the Football Team is, as you can imagine, quite different from that in the Tech Team, for example. For those of us who are located at our Transylvanian headquarters of Cluj Napoca, we usually start with discussions over last night’s football games and some quick updates on what needs to be sorted for the day.

Afterwards, we each get to our tasks, coffees, calls, while keeping in contact with our colleagues around Europe. As a startup, we don’t really have a set schedule until the job gets done. We also have a common group where we celebrate all our accomplishments together and that’s always nice.”

What has been your best achievement so far?

“Certainly transferring the first Nordensa Athlete and having him sign his first professional 2-year contract with a European club. We are talking about the trial and transfer of Joseph Iyendjock, a 20 year-old Cameroonian midfielder to Dinamo Tbilisi, the champions of Georgia.

The world-renowned Spanish sport newspaper Marca called Joseph in an article ¨el jugador del pueblo¨, meaning ¨the player of the people¨, as his transfer was backed with 18.000 Euros by 161 backers from 25 countries.”

What’s next for you?

“In the short term, having more Nordensa Athletes transferred to clubs around Europe. We have partnerships with both Dinamo Tbilisi and Zaragoza but we are in continuous contact with more than 15 clubs. Whenever our stellar scouting team will discover new talent that matches with a destination-club, we will publish the player on the app, giving subscribers the chance of supporting him.

In the long term, we hope that we will have the subscriber base to be able to allow fans to support not just individual players, but also entire academies, giving them even more ownership in football and having them properly involved in the beautiful game.”

What is your end goal?

“We want to build the first ever marketplace for sports talent & teams in the world, and forever change football for the best.”

How can fans help you get there?

“Fans can help by downloading the app here, setting up an account and backing any player of their liking. We will, of course, list more and more players during the next period of time.”

Why did you partner with us?

“Because we think that the pride and feeling of ownership in football can take many forms. For the collectors of memorabilia, having a piece of football history in their homes sometimes is a daily reminder of their passion and involvement in the sport.

The same as having shares in young talented football players on your phone can bring a feeling of ownership in the sport and of real impact in the lives of the players themselves.

We are looking forward to providing HobbyFC with sporting memorabilia from Nordensa Athletes as a new chapter in our partnership.” Read more about our purpose and drive here.

Any advice for football fans in the collector’s world?

Focus on what you love. Collecting football memorabilia should be a passion-driven activity. Focus on collecting items related to your favorite team, players, era of football that interests you the most. This will make the collection more meaningful and enjoyable.

Also, in today’s day and age, building a network with fellow collectors can provide valuable insights, opportunities for trades, and potential sources for items you may be seeking.

Last but not least, enjoy the journey: remember that collecting football memorabilia is a hobby meant to be enjoyed. Don’t solely focus on the monetary value; cherish the ¨passion¨ value and joy that comes with each addition to your collection.


Download Nordensa and join a mission that’s trying to change football for the better.

It really is that simple!

Does Nordensa sound like an app that you’re interested in?