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5 Great Henrik Larsson Shirts to Collect

Few players have held themselves with more dignity and class than Henrik Larsson. So much so, that practically everybody loves the guy… unless you’re a Rangers fan (obviously).

The Best Henrik Larsson Shirts

Henrik Larsson, the Swedish football icon, left an indelible mark on the sport with his exceptional skill, prolific goal-scoring, and unwavering passion for the game.

Throughout his illustrious career, Larsson donned numerous shirts representing both club and country, each bearing witness to his talent and enduring legacy.

In this article, we explore five Henrik Larsson shirts that every football fan would love to collect, celebrating the career of one of the game’s true ‘good guys’.

Celtic FC Home Shirt (2000/01)

The 2000/01 Celtic FC home shirt holds a special place in the hearts of fans, as it was during this season that Henrik Larsson etched his name into the club’s history books.

With Larsson leading the line, Celtic enjoyed a remarkable campaign, winning the domestic treble and reaching the UEFA Cup final under much-loved manager Martin O’Neill.

The iconic green and white hoops of the Celtic shirt, adorned with the club crest and sponsor logo, serve as a timeless reminder of Larsson’s heroics up in Scotland.

Pristine versions with a nice name-set (which is apparently quite a problem with SPL shirts from this period) can range between £80-120. Mainly for home colours – which is what you want, right?

Arguably the most recognisable of all the Henrik Larsson shirts / ‘jerseys’ on this list.

Barcelona Home Shirt (2004/05)

Henrik Larsson’s brief but memorable stint at Barcelona yielded one of the most coveted shirts in football history – especially those in the ‘no front of shirt sponsor category’.

If that exists. Which it should, by the way!

With his crucial goals and selfless play, Larsson played a pivotal role in Barcelona’s La Liga and Champions League triumphs, earning the admiration of fans worldwide.

An atypically funky fant for the nameset in yellow contrasting the famous red and blue of the Blaugrana makes this an unmistakably aesthetic shirt from the early 2000’s. Worth roughly £90 according to various sources in today’s market – with the number 17, instead of 7.

The only one of these Henrik Larsson shirts to be worn in a. Champions League Final!

Sweden National Team Shirt (Euro 2004)

As a stalwart of the Sweden national team, Henrik Larsson proudly represented his country on the international stage, leaving an indelible mark with his performances.

The Sweden national team shirt worn by Larsson during Euro 2004 holds significant sentimental value for fans, as it was during this tournament that Larsson showcased his talent and leadership, leading Sweden to the quarter-finals with his goal-scoring prowess and skill.

It’s not the most expensive shirt – ranging at roughly £50-70, which may be down to Sweden’s last of clear international success. But Larsson’s own collectibility is proving undeniable with collectors, and some of his ‘rookie shirts‘ are far more valuable for the right buyer.

Manchester United Home Shirt (2006/07)

Henrik Larsson’s loan spell at Manchester United during the 2006/07 season is fondly remembered by fans of the Red Devils – fans and players alike!

The Manchester United home shirt from that season, featuring the iconic red design with white trim and adorned with the club crest and AIG sponsor, serves as a cherished memento of Henrik Larsson’s time at Old Trafford, as well as an officiation of a new, exciting era at the club.

With his invaluable contributions off the bench, Larsson played a crucial role in United’s success that season, helping them secure the Premier League title and venture further in Europe. Larsson’s shirt, with the famous ‘Larsson-17’ name-set combination is a relative ‘cult figure shirt’ to collect, with mint condition versions available for around £70 – some without any crackling to the AIG sponsor.

Which was an annoyingly common problem with the jersey at the time of its production.

It’s been well-explained that Henrik Larsson was very keen on staying at Old Trafford, but a promise to a club back home proved too strong to ignore, regardless of the possibilities away from there. But at least it gave us one of the most nostalgic Henrik Larsson shirts on this list.

Helsingborgs IF Home Shirt (2012)

In the twilight of his career, Henrik Larsson returned to his boyhood club, Helsingborgs IF, where he continued to showcase his talent and passion for the game.

The Helsingborgs IF home shirt worn by Larsson during the 2012 season holds immense sentimental value for fans, as it represents Larsson’s enduring commitment to the club and domestic Swedish football. Such that pristine versions of the shirt are proving quite difficult to find online – probably because the majority of sellers wouldn’t want to let it go!

With Larsson leading by example, Helsingborgs IF enjoyed success in domestic competitions, further solidifying his status as a club legend, and national icon.


The five shirts highlighted in this article serve as timeless reminders of Henrik Larsson’s talent, passion, and enduring impact on the game.

Whether worn during his iconic spells at Celtic, Barcelona, Manchester United, or representing Sweden on the international stage, these Henrik Larsson shirts are coveted treasures that every football fan would love to collect, celebrating the career of one of the game’s true legends.

Which of these Henrik Larsson shirts do you have in your collection?